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Laptop Sash

Laptop Sash


A seventeen-inch length of two-inch wide, self-adhesive, loop-side, low-profile Velcro. The Laptop Sash sticks permanently to the back of your laptop.

  • 17" long: trim with scissors to fit your own laptop. A paper template is included, so you can get the right rakish angle.
  • 2" wide: fits a single row of Merit Badges.
  • Self-adhesive: Cut with scissors, peel, and stick.
  • Loop-side: this is the “furry” side, not the “grabby” side. It won’t grab lint, or your scarf, or whatever.
  • Low-profile: this Velcro is flatter than the stuff you can get at Staples. Low-profile velcro means you can still get your laptop into whatever carrying sleeve you’re using now.

Sash is pictured on a 15" MacBookPro (not the very latest model.) Note that your purchase includes only the black velcro sash, not the badges pictured on it — those are sold separately.

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