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Stack Overflow GOLD


Requirements: earned one of the rare, powerful Stack Overflow GOLD badges. Willing to tell in-person challengers the story of how you earned it.

We asked level 9,000 blogger Kimli from Delicious Juice to describe this badge to you:

"It's tough being a nerd these days. The media has FINALLY figured out what we've all known for years - namely, nerds are AWESOME - and now everyone is trying to cash in; claiming to be a nerd just to share in the fame and fortune (rightfully) coming our way.

That's where Stack Overflow comes in. You’re not one of those namby-pamby “I play Solitaire when no one is looking” nerds; you’re the Real Deal. You’ve spent time in the trenches. You’ve worked your way up through the ranks. You’ve got servers named after obscure Star Wars planets (adhering strictly to canon, of course). You’re not just a nerd, you are NERD in big bold capital letters and the future is yours for the designing, programming, compiling, and eventually taking.

Stack Overflow is a community for programmers to share their knowledge and pose questions to other programmers. As members ask and answer questions, they can earn virtual badges that appear in their profile. These badges are a mark of honour, and each one signifies an accomplishment – some minor, some hardcore - that is to be applauded and/or feared.

Virtual badges are great (if you’re into that sort of thing), but you know what’s better than virtual?


The new Stack Overflow Gold badge is a shiny work of wearable art, and can only be purchased by those who have earned the virtual equivalent on Stack Overflow. You are a programming wunderkind, and it’s high time people step up and recognize. By proudly displaying your Stack Overflow Gold badge, people everywhere will treat you with the respect and irresistible animal magnetism you deserve.

As a wise man with a nephew in spandex tights once said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Your Stack Overflow Gold badge isn’t just a free ticket to adoration and casual hookups, it’s a call of duty. Think of it like a Purple Heart you didn’t have to take a bullet for: would you want simply anyone with a PayPal account able to wear one and reap the benefits? Of course not. That’s why this badge comes with a job: if you see someone wearing this badge, it’s your duty to ask them how they earned it. Did they edit 500 posts? Ask a question with over 10,000 views? Maybe they’re one of the Legendary, having earned 200 daily reputation over 150 times. Anyone who has earned the Stack Overflow Gold badge is going to be PROUD AS HELL, and will be happy to tell you all about it.

And if they can’t answer you, you’re standing face to face with EVIL. Evil that didn’t EARN the badge, and has no right to wear it.

So, take it back. Confiscate the badge (um, without getting arrested please) and mail it back to us, telling us all about how you vanquished evil and stood up for Truth, Justice and the Stack Overflow way. We will send a full refund to the purchaser. Maidens will sing songs at your heroism, and you will sleep soundly at night knowing that you single-handedly maintained the exclusivity and honour of the Stack Overflow Gold Badge.

I'm getting tingly just thinking about it."

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