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Nerd Merit Badges

1.5", fully embroidered, Velcro-backed. Attach to your jacket, your backpack, or the lid of your over-clocked, battle-scarred laptop. Start a nerd sash!

Foursquare Badge: Crunked

That’s 4+ stops in one night for you!

I really love the colors that Foursquare designer Mari Sheibley picked for this badge. The teal blue and acid green look really cool. And with the shiny thread, it kind of changes color depending on which direction the light is hitting it. Get our laptop sash and put it on the back of your lappy! Cover your iPad with badges, for an extra-good grip! :)

These Foursquare badges are a limited edition (we made them because we loved Mari's graphical treatment so much.) When they're gone, they're gone!

Sold Out!
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